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Avignor Uprising

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The Avignor Uprising occurred on the Cardinal World of Avignor in M41 and is notable for being the first instance where the Sisters of Battle deployed Repressors.[1]


The uprising began when a crowd of over a million pilgrims, gathering for Day of the Emperor's Ascension, were incited to riot by rebels. The local Adeptus Arbites Precinct found itself overrun as the enraged crowds armed themselves with captured and scavenged weapons. Disorder and rioting became a full-scale battle as the rebels began to direct the mobs actions. A PDF armoury was captured and the situation deteroirted out of the Arbites control.[1]

In need of aid, the Adepta Sororitas of the Order of the Sacred Rose guarding the palace of the Cardinal of Avignor rose to action. The Battle Sisters crewed a dozen of the Arbites Repressors, first replacing the non-lethal anti-riot weaponry with their favored Heavy Flamers and Heavy Bolters then took to the streets to purge the heretics and their followers. After a bitter two week street battle, the uprising was defeated in large thanks to the Sisters Repressors. Following the victory, the Canoness of the Order of the Sacred Rose was gifted with all the surviving repressors by the commanding Arbites Marshal of the Court. Eventually due to its success, the Repressor began to be used by a wide variety of Orders of the Sisters of Battle.[1]

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