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Blessed Weapon

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A Blessed Weapon is a category of holy artifacts which have been blessed for use especially by the Ecclesiarchy's Orders Militant and includes many renowned weapons.[2]

Axe of Retribution

Not a unique item, each are copies of the Axe of Chalcydon borne by Saint Jason during his crusade against the Eldar on Huale. Massive, double-bladed weapons, the blades themselves have jewels embedded in them which rend the flesh of those they strike.[1]

Blade of Admonition

Polished to a mirror finish, it is said those who gaze into it will see a reflection of their true selves, causing fear in any opponent.[1]

Flail of Chastisement

This holy weapon is barbed with small hooks to better grip the target's flesh and constrict as it struggles.[1]


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