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Ayex Commorragh

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This page contains spoilers for: Runes (Short Story)

The Ayex Commorragh, also known as the Heart of Agony, was a Dark Eldar weapon, created by a high-ranking Haemonculi.[1]


The Ayex in its dormant state resembles a small, black cube. When active, however, its shape shifts through dimensions not perceivable by humans. The weapon uses multi-dimensional folding to create energy blasts and erase objects from existence.[1]


At one point, the Haemonculus responsible for creating the Ayex was part of an Eldar army that attacked a Forge World. The Haemonculi was killed during a battle, and the Ayex was discovered near its corpse by Logis Alsmo Charis of the Adeptus Mechanicus.[1]

Charis wished to study the Ayex, but decided to hide it away to avoid the Eldar hunting him down to retrieve it. He sealed it within a hidden vault on a planetoid known as Gath Rimmon; the entrance to the vault was covered by the planetoid's acid oceans and would lie undisturbed for over five millennia, until the orbit of Riapax (Gath Rimmon's moon) uncovered it again. Charis went to retrieve the device, but was almost killed by the native lifeforms of Gath Rimmon, only being saved by the intervention of a Space Wolves strike force led by the Rune Priest Kolja Ravenblade.[1]

Convincing the Wolves that he was on Gath Rimmon seeking archeotech, Charis was escorted to his hidden vault by the Space Marines. Once he had recovered the Ayex, he turned on them, seeking to eliminate any witnesses to his study of xenotech. He killed two Space Wolves, the Grey Hunters Lokjr and Varek, before Ravenblade used his psychic abilities to flood the vault with the acid rain of Gath Rimmon, destroying the Ayex. Charis himself was killed shortly afterwards by the Wolf Guard Baldr Svelok, the only survivor of the encounter.[1]