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Azariah Vidya

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Azariah Vidya, known also as the Seeker of Truth and as the Great Father, was a Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens; in M37, he became the first Blood Raven to combine the roles of Chapter Master and Chief Librarian.[3]


He was the master of the Librarium during a terrible campaign in the Gothic Sector, in which the Blood Ravens had taken terrible losses against a series of rebellions. During this campaign, the Chapter Master and the Master of Sanctity were both killed in a trap, and it seemed that the Blood Ravens were finished. Azariah spent much time studying the movements and reactions of the enemy, using the Imperial Guard and his own depleted Battle Brothers, in a series of feinted attacks. Using this information, as well as his tremendous psychic powers, he then launched a series of raids against seemingly empty areas, that turned out to be important staging areas of the Chaos cultists or supplies. For his skill in crushing the rebellion, Azariah was promoted to the office of Chapter Master, as well as his previous position. He is now enshrined in the chapter's history as the Great Father.[1]

At some point, Vidya battled against the Eldar Harlequin Warlock Lavena the Joyful and bested her in combat with a powerful onslaught that was greater than anything she had experienced before he clove her life force in two. As a result of the victory, he gifted the wealthy Qulus system to the Eighth Company and took the Eldar's blade, Vairocanum, as a prize. However, he did not make use of the weapon himself for reasons unknown but instead left it in the trust of the Secret Order of Psykana.[2]


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