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Azelas Baraxa

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Azelas Baraxa was a member of the Sons of Horus during the Horus Heresy.[1]

Baraxa took part in the Siege of Terra. Following the debacle at the Saturnine Wall and the death of Tormageddon, Azelas Baraxa was promoted to Captain of the 2nd Company. Unlike many members of the legion by the time of the Siege, Baraxa still held onto the old traditions of Cthonia and was suspicious of the gifts of Chaos.[1a]

Baraxa was amongst the Sons of Horus captains who actually obeyed Abaddon's summons during the final hours of the Siege.[2a] When Abaddon announced his intentions to travel to the Vengeful Spirit due to its shields being lowered, Baraxa deferred to the First Captain's authority and urged his colleague Lycas Fyton to stop antagonizing Abaddon. When that failed, Baraxa instead urged the First Captain to not personally kill Fyton, as it would show a lack of control, and to instead allow Hellas Sycar to commit the murder for him.[2b]

After arriving on the Vengeful Spirit alongside Abbadon, Baraxa explored the reality-warped interior of the vessel alongside the First Captain before becoming embattled against maddened Word Bearer legionaries and Solar Auxilia. Though they performed well, it takes the intervention of Erebus to stop them being overwhelmed.[3]

Led by Abaddon, Baraxa takes part in a Sons of Horus assault on the Custodes aboard the Vengeful Spirit under Constantin Valdor.[4a] Baraxa later accompanies Abaddon and other surviving Sons of Horus officers when they finally reach Lupercal's Court and find Garviel Loken alongside the body of Horus. Baraxa moves to attack Loken but is ordered to stand down by Abaddon, and later leaves the Sol System aboard the Vengeful Spirit[4b].