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Azrael: Protector of Secrets (Short Story)

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Azrael: Protector of Secrets
Cover art
Author C.Z. Dunn
Publisher Black Library
Series Lords of the Space Marines
Preceded by Kor'sarro Khan: Huntmaster
Followed by Kayvaan Shrike: Shadow Stalker
Released 2013
Editions December 2013 e-book

Azrael: Protector of Secrets is a short story by C.Z. Dunn. It was published online in December 2013 as part of the Black Library Advent Calendar (2013).

Cover Description

Exemeter VII has fallen into rebellion, its governor declaring independence from the Imperium and leading the world into darkness. Now the Dark Angels and their allies from the Godesian Imperial Guard have arrived to return the Emperor's light to this forsaken planet. As Supreme Grand Master Azrael and the commander of the Godesians approach the governor's throne room, a deadly secret will be revealed. But deadly to whom?


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