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Azrael (Novel)

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Author Gav Thorpe
Publisher Black Library
Series Space Marine Legends
Preceded by Cassius (Novel)
Released December 2016
Pages 256
Collected in Knights of Caliban
Legends of the Dark Angels

Azrael is a Black Library novel by Gav Thorpe. It was released in December 2016

Cover Description

The Dark Angels Chapter sprang from the First Legion of Space Marines to fight and die at the Emperor's side. But over ten thousand years, even the most staunchly loyal warriors of the Imperium can fall from grace, and the Dark Angels guard their own murky secrets most carefully — only Supreme Grand Master Azrael knows them all. A legend among Space Marines, he has fought for centuries and ever at the forefront of battle. Now, with the enigmatically alien eldar as his uneasy and unlikely allies, he must tread the fine line once more between the pursuit of victory, and keeping the Chapter's past safely buried...[1]


Cover art[2]