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BL Publishing

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BL Publishing logo
BL Publishing is a division of Games Workshop. It produces fiction and merchandise, usually related to Games Workshop's intellectual property. BL Publishing itself is split into a number of imprints.
Note: BL Publishing does not stand for Black Library Publishing.1


Former imprints:

  • Warp Artefacts was an imprint that marketed prints, clothing and replicas of Warhammer items. In early 2006 it was moved closer to Black Library as BL Merchandise.
  • Black Flame published science fiction, fantasy and horror novels based on licensed third party intellectual property. It ceased production in 2008.
  • Black Industries was the BL Publishing imprint focusing on role-playing games. It produced two Roleplaying games and a boardgame. After it was closed in 2008, the licenses for these games have been transferred to Fantasy Flight Games.
  • Sabertooth Games produced a number of collectable games, including collectible card games and collectible miniatures games. This imprint was closed in 2008 and the licenses were transferred to Fantasy Flight Games.
  • Warhammer Historical Wargames, also known as Warhammer Historical, produces wargames based on historical armies and conflicts. In early 2009 the Warhammer Historical division was moved to Forge World.2
  • Solaris Books is an imprint that publishes a range of original science fiction and fantasy novels. In 2009 it was taken over by the British computer games company Rebellion Developments.


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