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Baal's Fury

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Blood Angels vessel; for the Flesh Tearers Thunderhawk, see Baal's Fury (Thunderhawk).

Baal's Fury is one of the two active Blood Angels Battle Barges, as of late M41 and early M42, alongside the Blade of Vengeance.[1]


It is of a new class of Battle Barge, that was invented by Archmagos Dominus Cawl and it was constructed in the Blood Angels' Skyfall Starport in M42. As the Chapter already had the Blade of Vengeance and Bloodcaller at that time, Commander Dante decided against possessing three powerful Battle Barges. When Baal's Fury was finally completed and the damaged Blade of Vengeance was repaired, Dante gave the Bloodcaller to the Angels Numinous Chapter.[2]

After Baal's Fury became operational, it was used as Commander Dante's flagship, during his first meeting with the Dark Angels' returned Primarch Lion El'Jonson.[3]

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