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Back from the Dead (Novel)

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Back from the Dead
Cover art by Clint Langley
Author Nick Kyme
Publisher Black Library
Series Necromunda
Released August 2006
Pages 256
Editions 2006 softcover:
ISBN 9781844163762

2012 in Necromunda Omnibus 2:

ISBN 9781849702683

Back from the Dead is a novel written by Nick Kyme first published in 2006 and included in the 2012 Necromunda Omnibus 2.


When the deadly neurone plague sweeps the depths of the Necromundan Underhive turning its victims into mindless, flesh-eating zombies it falls to one man to stop the spread of the killer disease. Erik Bane is a down on his luck, drug addict, ex-enforcer whose promise to a street girl, Alicia, offers him a chance at redemption and throws him headlong into the crisis.

Against his will but seemingly driven by fate, Bane leads a group of desperate survivors through the ruins of the Underhive as he searches for Alicia all the while dodging the zombie horde and trying to stay alive long enough to figure out what caused the plague.

Bane has no idea that when he started this suicide mission it would have such strong connections with his past, a life he had all but given up on and a conspiracy that goes so deep uncovering will mean there’s no going back for Bane...