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Baeron was a Battle Brother of the Blood Angels Legion, during the Horus Heresy and he took part in the Battle for Terra.[1a]


He would later defend the Imperial Palace's inner walls, after its outer defenses fell to the Chaos forces of Horus. There, Baeron was assigned to serve as a Line Adjutant for the Marmax South section of the Anterior Barbican wall. He was given a number of Imperial Army Troopers to defend it with, but they were nearly undone when a horde of Slaanesh Knights and Noise Marines hit their section. Most of the Troopers fell under the toxic sway of the fumes given off by the invaders, with only Baeron and nearby Blood Angels being able to fight back effectively. Just as they were about to be overwhelmed, however, the Slaanesh forces suddenly retreated. In the confusion that followed, one of Baeron's surviving Troopers, named Katsuhiro, asked what had happened to cause the invaders to flee. The Blood Angel could only reply in response, that he had no idea why they had retreated.[1a]

Staying alongside Katsuhiro during repeated traitor attacks along the Marxmax South Bastion, Baeron endured a massive penetration wound that saw him collapse. His last act was to put Katsuhiro in command and hold the line.[1b]