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Baharroth's Tempest

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Baharroth's Tempest is a formation of Eldar soldiers of the Swooping Hawk Aspect Warriors. They were created by the Phoenix Lord Baharroth, who was the founder of this Warrior Path.

When choosing warriors for his Tempest, Baharroth assembled only the fastest and most agile for their mission as they were required to form the Bahurkan which was known as the "hawk strike." Such a manoevure, where the warriors take the form of silver blurs that move with intense speed, requires speed above all else, as the Phoenix Lord takes them to the sky.

This battle formation made extensive use of the haywire grenades used by the Swooping Hawks. In the air, the Tempest move in front of incoming enemy aircraft, where the grenades act as clusters of mines that are left in Baharroth's wake. During this time, the Tempest must evade all incoming weapon fire and face the more perilous prospect of avoiding the enemy craft's turbines. After leaving their payload of grenades, the Swooping Hawks of the Tempest depart and leave the stricken craft to their doomed fate.[1]