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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
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Name: Bakka Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Tempestus
System: Bakka System [7]
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Segmentum Fortress

Bakka is the Naval Base for Segmentum Tempestus. It co-ordinates all naval forces in the region and dispatches ships when needed.[1]


Bakka is a young world, highly rich in mineral wealth. They led to its colonization by humans sometime during the Dark Age of Technology. The surface of the planet consists of black islands of basalt and granite that float on a sea of cooling lava. Occasionally, turbulent flow or a meteorite strike causes fresh magma to burst from the ground. Giant machines manned by forced laborers constantly mine the world for its rich resources. The vast installations of the planet are built on the stable black rafts of rock, defended by adamantium walls and Defense Laser and Torpedo installations. Above these installations sit the vast shipyards of the Segmentum Tempestus Naval Base.[6]

Bakka's atmosphere is hot, acidic, and poisonous, consisting of oxides of nitrous, sulphur, and sodium mixed with ammonia. As a result of it's toxic atmosphere, loss rates among the miners are substantial.[6]


In 300.M36, Bakka was absorbed into the Plague of Unbelief, forming a minor empire that believed the Emperor was no longer able to rule the galaxy, stretching from Bakka in the galactic south to Fenris in the galactic north. This insurrection was eventually destroyed by the Space Wolves after a protracted fight at The Fang.[3]

In 745.M41, during the First Tyrannic War, a battlefleet was dispatched to aid the Ultramarines at the Battle for Macragge. They were ultimately successful, but suffered heavy losses to the xenos.[2]

In 980.M41, Bakka was subjected to a major raid by the Red Corsairs fleet led personally by Huron Blackheart.[5]

In 999.M41, Dark Eldar raiders managed to raid the Imperial Navy's moorings orbiting Bakka.[4]

In M42 during the Noctis Aeterna, Bakka was besieged by an unknown threat but relieved by Indomitus Crusade Fleet Octus.[8]

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