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Balphomael is a powerful Daemon and leader of the Brotherhood of Horned Darkness.[1]


Active primarily in the Calixis Sector, the Ordo Malleus does not know the true nature of Balphomael but considers his power to be at least equal to that of a Daemon Prince if not greater. It has no direct allegiance to any other of its daemonic kind and seems to be a creature of Chaos Undivided. It is primarily interested in demanding sacrifices by mortals, and in exchange gives its pawns fragments of its power. The Daemon is a powerful entity and can not be controlled or bound by any mortal Sorcerers.[1]

Legends of Balphomael describe the beast as a towering figure and "horned shadow" that can be summoned from a bonfire piled high with the burning hearts of the sacrificed. Some also say that the Daemon may also take the shape of a saturnine man or beautiful woman. Some within the Ordo Malleus believe that these appearances are mere "projections" of a figure that dwells within the Warp, one far more powerful than what has been previously encountered.[1]