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Brother Baltus

Baltus is a Tactical Marine of the Dark Angels's 4th Company, who was part of his Chapter's strike force sent to secure the Calaphrax Cluster.[1a]


Baltus was a Tactical Marine of the Dark Angels' 4th Company under Sergeant Kalidius when the Company was sent to secure the Calaphrax Cluster in M41. His squad was the first deployed to the surface of Exyrion to investigate the Dead World.[1a] They discovered an underground Hive was home to a number of survivors,[1b] drawing power from the Orb of Exyrion that had unleashed the Warp Storms in M31.[1c] When the Iron Warriors attack reached the squad underground, Baltus activated the orb to release a minor warp storm that ended the Second Battle of Exyrion. Surviving the event, he clawed his way to the surface and witnessed one of the Fallen.[1d]

Seeking solace in the Chapters rituals and not questioning what he had seen, Baltus was watched by Master Seraphus and Interrogator-Chaplain Altheous. He was awarded a heraldic shield of a black sword on a white field and chosen as part of Altheous' team to pursue the Fallen to Pandrosar.[2a] Aboard the Space Hulk Hyberian he encountered a Chaos Terminator and Bloodletters hunting the team in a dislocated timestream,[2b] and was told the truth about the Fallen after he and Altheous discovered a shrine of Dark Angels Legion relics.[2c] Upon his return to the strike force's Battle Barge, Baltus began the rituals of initiation into the Inner Circle.[3a]

Baltus succeeded in his trials, with his final trial being assigned to a mission to infiltrate Inquisitor Astor Sabbathiel's void ship, to discover what the Inquisitor knows about the Fallen [3b] The squad manages to breach and board the Inquisitor's ship, encountering and killing her retinue.[3c] Baltus and his squad then discovered what secret the Inquisitor has beed hiding: a daemonhost housing a Lord of Change named Sarasti. The daemon gloated in victory that the Dark Angels had walked right into a trap, one having been set in eons past. The daemonhost having wanted to see the entire legion fall as revenge for being defeated by Lion El'Jonson millennia ago. Baltus is shown visions of how the trap was set, sprung, and of the Dark Angels condemned by the Imperium (with a Dark Angel about to be executed by Roboute Guilliman). Baltus refuses to allow the vision to come to pass and opens fire on the daemonhost. However, his attacks only kill the host's body and free the daemon, who quickly escapes. Baltus then transmits the evidence of the inquisitor's heresy to Seraphus. Seconds later, the Fallen activates his final trap and detonates an orb (hidden in the shrine on the Pandrosar) similar to one on Exyrion, engulfing the entire Calaphrax Cluster in a warp storm. Baltus is last seen being dragged into the warp.[3d]


Baltus wore a mixed set of Astartes Power Armour, most notably wearing a MkVI helmet. His armour was heavily damaged during the battle Exyrion, requiring heavy replacement. He received a different MkVI helmet and pauldrons; while his greaves were originally MkVII, they were replaced with MkIV greaves; Baltus also received a heraldric shield on his right pauldron. Baltus wielded a standard issue Boltgun in battle.[1][2]

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