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Baneblade Cannon

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Baneblade Cannon[5]

The Baneblade Cannon is the primary weapon of the Baneblade super-heavy tank.[1]

Designated as a type of battle cannon, each Baneblade Cannon has a ten metre-long barrel which fires rocket-assisted shells able to hit targets many kilometers away.[2a] Each shell is a metre in length[2b] and contains a small amount of solid propellant, shaped in such a way as to control its time and rate of burn, thereby controlling the rocket's thrust and duration, while rear-mounted fins stabilise its flight. Though increasing the shell's range and accuracy tremendously, this also leads to the danger of a build-up of gasses in the barrel, which can cause serious harm. To combat this the Baneblade Cannon is built with a double-sleeve design with venting ports studded around the cannon's muzzle, allowing these gasses to escape under their own pressure. When fired the shell leaves the barrel under its own blast pressure with speed maintained whilst the rocket burns, with each booster burning out and falling away as the next one ignites.[3] Once it does hit, a Baneblade shell can punch a hole through armor large enough for a man to walk through.[4]