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Booby Traps

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Examples of Catachan-made booby traps:
1. Spike Pit/Devil's Maw
2. Lashing Branch
3. Toe-popper
4. Spring Mine
5. Shredder Mine

Booby traps are improvised antipersonnel or anti-tank devices, concealed within an area likely to be passed through by the enemy. Although taking many different forms, all are designed to slow or demoralize enemies by inflicting casualties and destroying armoured vehicles.[1]

Types of Booby Trap

  • Plasma Charge - designed to punch through enemies with heavy armour or vehicles rather than affecting a large area, such as Tyranids and Terminators. The super-heated plasma blasts out at whatever triggered it and inflicts horrific battle damage. Common patterns include all standard plasma weapon photonic hydrogen fuel flasks, Necromundan "Cyclops" Anti-Armour Blast Spheres and Golgotha-Pattern 90KW Energy Mines.[1]
  • Shredder Mine - explosive frag charges mounted on an upright plate launches shrapnel in random directions over a large area, creating a small killing zone. It is ideal for covering narrow paths and streams. Common patterns include Triplex Phall Type XII "Repudiator" Auto-Mine, Armageddon "Hammerhead" Area Denial Weapon or the Necromunda pattern "Widowmaker" Anti-Personnel Savager.[1]
  • Snare Mine - Consists of Munitorum issue proximity detonators or snare-wire, that is hooked up to whatever explosives can be scraped together.[3]
  • Spring Mine - the device springs into the air before detonating, spewing their contents over a small area. Can be combated by having a soldier "on point" who will trigger it while the rest of the squad will be far enough back to be relatively safe. Common patterns include the Necromunda pattern "Jumping Snap" Anti-Personnel Leaper, the Gerian Type XIV Vertical Blast Device and the Martian Type CXI Fragmentation Mine.[1]
  • Traps - a small pit at about knee depth with spikes in the bottom, covered over so that when an enemy steps on it they will be impaled on the spikes. Often native lifeforms are placed in the bottom of the pit to deal further damage. Also known as Spike Pits and Devil's Maws.[1]
  • Lashing Branch - a springy branch at head, waist or knee height with sharpened branches tied off with string so the branch is under tension. When an enemy trips the line the tree will fling over and impale then.[1]
  • Buried Bullets - a bolt or shotgun round buried resting on a sharp object (often a nail or pointed rock) just below the surface of the ground. When an enemy steps on it the bullet is pressed onto the striker, thereby detonating the round beneath their feet. Also known as Toe-poppers.[1]
  • Punji Pits/Traps - a Kroot and Feral Ork trap very similar to Imperial traps, consisting of a pit with stakes at the bottom.[2]
  • Bang Traps - a Feral Ork trap constructed of several stikkbombz strapped together and attached to a tripwire. Often anything nearby is utterly destroyed in a huge explosion of shrapnel.[Needs Citation]
  • Fire Bomb a Feral Ork bomb which, when it explodes, showers an area in highly combustible liquids which explode over a small area.[Needs Citation]