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Banner of Macragge

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Banner of Macragge.jpg

The Chapter Banner of the Ultramarines is as old as the Chapter itself; it was presented to Roboute Guilliman by the Emperor during the Great Crusade. The banner records the campaign history of the Ultramarines, and is only carried into battle when the entire Chapter fights as one. The bearer of the banner is given the title of Ancient.[Needs Citation]

Tall and intricate in detail, it chiefly shows a gold Ultramarines symbol overlaid on a field of blue. It is made of unknown material that is fireproof and able to seal rents and tears made in the fabric in such a manner that the wounds cannot be afterwards detected. The staff of the banner is made from adamantium, and at last sighting appeared scored and pitted as if it had been splashed with acid. It is inscribed with the names of all 77 Chapter Masters of the Ultramarines, from Guilliman to Marneus Calgar, as well as devices noting every major victory the Ultramarines have won in their long history.[Needs Citation]

The Banner of Macragge has endured long periods of safekeeping, rather than display, for various reasons. The most recent of these was the 200 years it spent secured and unflown after the Battle of Macragge; Lord Calgar declared that it would not be flown again until the Ultramarines Chapter was a full strength and fully recovered from the casualties and damage inflicted in that campaign.[1]

Known Bearers of the Banner of Macragge

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