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Banner of Staganda

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The Banner of Staganda is an Imperial Fists relic under the possession of the 3rd Company. The banner has its origins during was one of the most grueling campaigns ever undertaken by the 3rd Company. Staganda had been severed from Mankind since the Dark Age of Technology and, by the time an Explorator Fleet rediscovered the world in M34, the population had been living under brutal Ork occupation for millennia. Avan Gorr, the Imperial Fists’ Chapter Master in those times, determined that it was the duty of his Chapter to ensure that the Emperor’s light fell anew upon Staganda, and that the greenskin yoke was cast from the world’s shoulders. Though the entire Imperial Fists Chapter was mobilized to reclaim the planet, it was the 3rd Company that bore the brunt of the fighting, and its captain that slew the Ork warlord at the pivotal point in the campaign. In the aftermath, a new company standard was fashioned in honour of the victory, and the 3rd Company was permitted to add The Liberators of Staganda to their official titles.[1]

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