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Captain Bannon was a Space Marine from the Imperial Fists chapter. He served as Captain of the Deathwatch Kill Team summoned to Tarsis Ultra in late M41 to assist Lord Inquisitor Kryptman in combating the Tyranids from Hive Fleet Leviathan.[1a]


Bannon's steadfastness and leadership were crucial to the campaign at several times. When a Lictor appeared in the city of Erebus, Bannon led the Deathwatch team in the near-impossible task of capturing it alive, as Kryptmann insisted.[1b]

He subsequently led his team on an extremely hazardous mission to power a ground-based Defence Laser located behind the main Tyranid swarm. Firing the cannon, in conjunction with a naval attack led by the Strike Cruiser Vae Victus, allowed the defending forces to destroy one of the two remaining Tyranid Hive Ships controlling the swarm.[1c][1d].

As their position was overrun by the attacking Tyranids, Bannon was the last to be rappelled aboard the airborne Thunderhawk extracting the team. When his leg was caught by a monstrous Warrior, Bannon cut his line, sacrificing himself rather than drag the rest of the team to their deaths. He was last seen going down under a swarm of Tyranids, armed with nothing but a power knife, fighting to his last breath.[1c]

Command of the kill team briefly fell to Brother Henghast, but was assumed by Uriel Ventris for the team's assault on the final Hive Ship.[1d]