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Baran Siege Masters

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The Baran Siege Masters were once the Planetary Defense Force of Baran, until they were made Regiments of the Astra Militarum[1], which specialize in trench warfare.[2]


They are descended from the Krieg 127th Infantry Regiment, which liberated Baran from Orks in 224.M41 and were given Right of Settlement afterwards. Based out of the capital Enderra, the Baran Siege Masters specialized in protecting their myriad settlements against Feral Ork sieges and were effective in defensive warfare. However, they later suffered heavily in the Baran War.[1]

The Baran Siege Masters are now among the few legendary Regiments, like the Death Korps of Krieg and Torqrati Mire Dredgers, that can endure trench warfare for months or years without rebelling. Like them, the Siege Masters can also bear losses that would cripple other Regiments, while still maintaining their fire discipline and willingness to step into any gaps in their lines. Because of this, the Baran Siege Masters are in high demand by the Imperium.[2]