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Baraqiel was a Librarian in the Dark Angels Chapter and a master of the Obscuration discipline.[1a]

During the Age of the Dark Imperium, he served as part of Master Lazarus' strike force, that aided the Grey Knights in the Assault on Sortiarius. While the Grey Knights attacked the Chaos ritual site that was the target of their attack, the Dark Angels attacked a temple that was shielding the site[1b]. The Dark Angels were ultimately successful and began to evacuate the Daemon World, after the Grey Knights' commander, Brother-Captain Stern, told them the ritual had been stopped. However the Grey Knights' Librarians later desperately made psychic contact with Baraqiel, stating they needed the Dark Angels immediate aid to reach the ritual site. Once Baraqiel had informed them as to what had happened, Stern stated that had not contacted them and Daemons were behind the duplicity.[1a]

The Brother-Captain then informed the Dark Angels, that the Thousand Sons' forces defending the ritual site vastly outnumbered the Grey Knights and were preventing them from reaching it. If they hoped to reach the site in time to stop the ritual, the Dark Angels would need to reach them immediately. As the Dark Angels were too far away, however, drastic measures needed to be taken. It was determined by the strike forces' Librarians that a temporary tunnel through the warp, would need to be created in order for the Dark Angels to join the Grey Knights. Though Baraqiel and the other Librarians knew it would cost them their lives[1a], they successfully created the warp tunnel before dying as a result of doing so.[1c]