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Bardan Dovaro

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Bardan Dovaro was the Chapter Master of the Novamarines, during the Indomitus Crusade and the Plague Wars.[1]


During the latter conflict, he was given command of the Starfort Galatan, as the Novamarines aided in defending the besieged Realm of Ultramar. However when the Star Fort was attempting to reach Parmenio, to aid the efforts of Lord Commander Guilliman, it was invaded by the Death Guard forces of Typhus the Traveller[2a]. As the Galatan later began to be overwhelmed, Dovaro had its defenders concentrate in protecting the Starfort's command center, to prevent the Galatan from being captured. When the Death Guard attacked it, Dovaro challenged Typhus and they dueled as their forces fought around them. At first Dovaro was overwhelming the Traveller and it appeared as if the skilled Chapter Master would be able to slay Typhus. However the Traveller was merely waiting patiently for his moment to strike and when it appeared, he[2b] fatally[2c] tore open Dovaro's chest with his Manreaper[2b]. All seemed lost after the Chapter Masters' death, but the Death Guard were defeated, after the Galatan reached Parmenio and Imperial reinforcements arrived to aid the Starfort[2c]. The Novamarines would later name the Thunderhawk Bardan's Fall, in Dovaro's honor and it currently serves in the Indomitus Crusade.[3]

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