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Basilica Malefex

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The Basilica Malefex is the Fortress-Monastery of the Exorcists.[1]

Located beneath the steaming swamps of Banish, it is an extensive and heavily armed facility home to not only the Chapter's Apothecarion, battle honours, and Gene-seed stores but also their vast archives of occult lore.[1][2]

The Fortress is not only home to the strategic headquarters of the Chapter but also the Ordo Malleus facility known as the Hall of Tempering, which oversees the Daemonic possession rites of the Chapter. At the heart of the facility is a quadriform walkway dubbed the Cloister of Scars, which links together the Chapter training grounds, living quarters, and command centers while the huge atrium at its center acts as a burial ground for the battle-slain, with dimly lit spaces reserved for private meditation. The outer walls of the Cloister are studded with many archways which lead off to greater institutions of the Chapter such as the Reclusium, Apothecarion, Armoury, and Council Chamber where the Chapter Master resides.[2]