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Basilio Fo

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Basilio Fo[2]

Basilio Fo was a genius biomechanical engineer, who used his skills to create monstrosities that he gleefully unleashed on Terra's population, during the Age of Strife.[1a]


During his life, Fo knew many of the warlords who were vying for control of Terra, which included the Emperor. Fo feared the Emperor, for the Warlord was so driven that he knew that they would succeed, especially with the transhuman warriors the Emperor had created. Fo developed a great hatred for these creations, fearing that with their power and numbers the they could one day destroy Terra, if the Emperor were to ever lose control of them. Fo also believed that, in the Emperor's arrogance and pride, he would subjugate Terra's population in pursuit of his vision once he had defeated his enemies. Those that resisted his Imperium would be dealt with and Fo wanted no part in either outcome. By then, Fo had been labeled a criminal for the deaths caused by his monsters and he feared that he would be caught and brought to justice by the Emperor. In order to ensure that never happened, Fo fled Terra aboard a ship and escaped beyond the Emperor's reach.[1a]

Fo had long ago used his by biomechanical skills to significantly extend his lifespan, so he was able survive the journey that led to the world Velich Tarn. He would go on to rule the world, untroubled by anyone, until Velich Tarn was discovered by the Primarch Horus' 63rd Expeditionary Fleet, during the Great Crusade. Horus sought to bring Velich Tarn into Compliance with the Imperium, but Fo resisted and defended his world. In the battle that followed, Fo's skills and monsters nearly killed the Primarch, before Horus defeated him. Instead of being killed, however, Fo was captured and sent back to Terra, where he was imprisoned in the Imperial Dungeon. His defeat caused Fo to develop a great hatred of Horus and he spent his imprisonment thinking of various ways to kill the Primarch.[1b]

During the Siege of Terra, Fo was visited by Amon Tauromachian, Kyril Sindermann, and Euphrati Keeler as part of the efforts of the new Order of Interrogation. During these interviews, Fo claimed that he could create a virus capable of killing not only all Space Marines but also the Primarchs. Seeing the possibility to save Terra, Amon allowed Sindermann and Keeler to look into the feasibility of aiding Fo in creating such a weapon.[1c]

Continually interrogated by Keeler, Sindermann, Amon, and the Prison Warden Vaskale, Fo slowly revealed his knowledge upon a Data-Slate. However this was a deliberate delaying tactic in order to gain access to Warden Vaskale and slowly implant him with linguistic voice suggestions. In truth, Fo could have revealed his knowledge over mere hours. Gathering a shard of Blackstone, Fo sought to make his escape but was confronted by the Selenar Priestess Andromeda-17, who revealed that she had taken control of Vaskale herself. Fo expected to be killed due to the ancient hatred the Selenar had towards him, but instead he was set free.[2a]

Now roaming the Palace and managing to elude even the Custodes, Fo sought to set up a laboratory to bring about his great weapon.[3a] However he was instead captured and grievously wounded by a roaming Night Lord, who knew of his identity thanks to his Daemonic pacts.[3b] The Night Lord decided Fo was too dangerous to be left alive, but as he was about to be slain the mad scientist was saved by Constantin Valdor, who brought him back to the Bhab Bastion.[3c]

After Valdor captured Fo again, he was handed back to Amon's custody. During the final hours of the Siege as Valdor, Dorn, and the Emperor are off fighting Horus aboard the Vengeful Spirit, Amon received a summons to hand Fo over to Custodian Wardens.[4a] As Amon escorted Fo to what was likely execution, the mad scientist ground away at Amon's confidence in the order by questioning its validity. As Amon was about to hand over Fo to the Wardens, Fo was able to get his would-be executioners to admit they could not confirm the validation of their custody order. This caused the two sides to nearly come to blows, and Amon stormed back off with Fo until such a time that the execution order could be affirmed. Amon and Fo then ran into Zaranchek Xanthus and Andromeda-17, who accompanied them to an office of the Sigillite.[4b] Fo, Xanthus, and Andromeda-17 next journeyed to the Sigillite's Retreat to use Malcador's lab to create a perfected version of his bio-weapon that had no chance of mutating to also infect non-Astartes.[5]

After Fo completed his work, he ambushed an unsuspecting Xanthus and murdered him with a surgical scalpel.[6a] Fo was then able to use his earlier samples from Xanthus to rapidly clone a replacement body and somehow inhabit it, while Fo's originally body was hunted down and killed by Amon.[6b] With Fo thought dead, the mad scientist took on Zaranchek Xanthus' identity.[6c]