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Battle for Grand Al'gul

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The Battle for Grand Al'gul was fought by the Fire Angels in 666.M41.[1]


At the emergency behest of the Inquisition, the Fire Angels diverted themselves to face the Chaos Space Marine warband known as The Sanctified on the Cemetery Worlds of the Grand Al'gul System. During this action the Fire Angels fought a series of running battles against the Chaos Marines and their Daemonic allies, blocking their efforts to desecrate the resting places of famous Imperial heroes and work hideous rituals on their ruins in a plan for the traitors Sorcerer Lord Ezrath Cull to achieve Daemonhood. Using the marbled and headstone mazes to their advantage, the Fire Angels succeeded in forcing the Chaos forces to fight them on their own terms, maintaining discipline all the while.[1]

The Sanctificed responded with Sorcery, liquefying the stone with the dark psychic abilities and summoning swarms of Daemonic Beasts. The Fire Angels paid a heavy price in the short but savage combat before victory was achieved, including the death of Chapter Master Haran Stark against a Lord of Change while defended the sacred Narthex of Penitents. The Chief Librarian of the Chapter, Mathias Dee, also self-immolated himself to avoid possession by the dark entities of the Warp. Eventually the Sanctified found that their forces were spent and retreated. Cull would later be killed by one of his own lieutenants over the failure.[1]