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Battle for Sularian Gate

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The Battle for Sularian Gate was waged by the Imperium. During the battle, the Dark Angels 5th Company alongside Vostroyan Firstborn, Mordian Ironguard, and Skitarii Regiments battled an Ork Waaagh! under Groblonik. After overunning several worlds, Groblonik threatened dozens of more unless he could be stopped. To this end, the Imperial forces mustered at Sularian Gate to blunt the green tide once and for all.[1]

It was on the fourth day of the battle that Ezekiel was wounded by a stray Ork bullet. Seeing their Librarian fall amid the Orks, the Dark Angels fought viciously to recover him and managed to evacuate him from the battlefield. Now missing an eye, Ezekiel later returned for revenge and rallied the 5th Company, leading a furious counterattack that broke the Ork Waaagh! Ezekiel then confronted Groblonik himself, drawing from the powers of the Warp to incinerate the Warboss's brain then decapitating him, throwing his head into the retreating Ork mob below.[1]