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Battle for Teleth-Ai

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The Battle for Teleth-Ai was fought by Craftworld Iyanden and their Exodite allies in 778993.M41.[1]


Desperately needing repair and resupply for their ruined Craftworld, the Seer Council of Iyanden sought aid from the Exodite World of Teleth-ai. The Exodites willingly gave what aid they could and managed to reactivate the Craftworld's Webway Gate. Unfortunately only a fraction of repairs were completed when a vast army of Cadian Imperial Guard invaded the planet in massive numbers. Overwhelmed, the defenders of Teleth-ai fell back in disarray.[1]

The Council of Iyanden knew that the Exodites could not hold back the humans alone, but also knew that their own forces were still mauled from the battle against Hive Fleet Kraken. Nonetheless Iyanden decided to defend their allies and unleashed their Hemlock Wraithfighters which decimated the masses of Cadian Regiments. By the time Iyanden's Wraithguards entered the fray, there was little to do for them other than to finish off the survivors that had taken refuge in the mountains. They were aided in their efforts by Dragon Knights and Striking Scorpions.[1]