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Battle for the Aspis System

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The Battle for the Aspis System began sometime after the Great Rift's creation, when a cabal of Thousand Sons Sorcerers, from the Cult of Manipulation, forged a hex to extinguish the System's star. Since the Aspis System was located within the Segmentum Solar, the Adeptus Custodes became aware of the solar storm the Thousand Sons' hex was creating and a squad of Allarus Custodians were sent to destroy the cabal of Sorcerers. They were joined by a Grey Knights strike force and a large contingent of Skitarii, but when they approached the Aspis System, an enormous solar flare separated the Imperium's forces from each other. While the Grey Knights and Skitarii rejoined together and destroyed the profane wards sustaining the hex on Aspis' star, the Adeptus Custodes were no where to be seen. Unknown to anyone however, the Allarus Custodians had been sent adrift in the Warp by Aspis' solar flare and were later captured by the waiting Thousand Sons.[1]