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Battle of Agusia

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The Battle of Agusia began, when the combined fleet of more than a dozen Rogue Trader Houses, ambushed the Amerat Union pirates and the Cabal of the Bloody Libation Corsairs.[1]


This occurred, after one of the pirates betrayed the Union to the Rogue Traders in 742.M41. The traitor's information allows the fleet to launch an ambush on Agusia, where the Union and their vile allies, the Cabal Corsairs are. The Union Heretek Jagerdamen had originally led them there in the hopes of discovering an artefact of unholy power. Instead, the Cemetery World became the site of the largest naval battle fought in the Koronus Expanse's recent history. Among the Rogue Trader Houses to take part in the Battle, are Winterscale, Sult, Helfire, Lo Pan, Lockhart and Marner.[1]

After a fifteen hour space battle, losses became heavy on both sides, but then the tide turned against the Union. This led their station-sized mothership to attempt to escape, but it broke apart while trying to flee into the Warp. The Union's forces are destroyed by the end of the Battle and the mauled Libation Corsairs scatter into the void. There were also reports that a ship bearing the livery of the Rogue Trader Inquisitor Aquairre, took part in the battle. Though Aquairre is thought to have died long ago, the ship appeared to aid the Rogue Trader fleet, during the worst of the fighting. These reports are later dismissed, though, by all the surviving Rogue Traders as being "mere fantasy."[1]