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Battle of Bengoli V

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The Battle of Bengoli V was a battle fought between the Imperium and forces of Chaos


On the Jungle World of Bengoli V, Bloodcrushers spearheaded a vast daemonic incursion that gutted the shrines containing thousands of Ecclesiarchy relics. Despite focused retaliation from the Catachan CXXIII Regiment, the Juggernauts proved remarkably stubborn in their efforts to smash the well concealed defense emplacements; they trampled thousands of miles of the surrounding ironbark forests, gunfire pinging harmlessly off their brass hides. They stomped over clusters of defenders, pushing back though Imperial lines, and forcing the Catachans to make a tactical retreat into the holy shrines.[1]

However, within these spiritual confines, the Catachans would meet their deaths. The Daemon cavalry burst into the refuges, their riders’ Hellblades sending severed heads flying through the air, covering statues of glorious ancient warriors in fresh blood. The concentration of slaughter amidst the holy relics caused a rift to open in the fabric of reality, allowing a whole legion of Khorne’s followers to spill out into the material plane. So devastating was the attack on Bengoli and the scale of the invasion, that the Ordo Malleus had no option but to inflict Exterminatus on the doomed planet.[1]