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Battle of Constanix II

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Battle of Constanix II
Corax leads the Raven Guard against the Dark Mechanicus on Constanix II
Conflict Horus Heresy
Date M31
Location Constanix II
Outcome Loyalist victory
Imperium Traitors
Primarch Corvus Corax
Commander Branne Nev
Commander Agapito Nev
Magos Delvere(KIA)
Sorcerer Azor Nathrakin(KIA)
Several hundred Raven Guard
Legio Nivalis
Traitor Skitarii
Daemon Engines
Small Word Bearers contingent
Unknown Annihilation

The Battle of Constanix II was a battle during the Horus Heresy.

During the Heresy, the ruling Magos of the Forge World of Constanix II, Delvere, allied himself with the Word Bearers and began producing Daemon Engines. This drew the attention of the Raven Guard, who planned a major raid on the planet. After infiltrating the world in an operation led by Corax, Branne Nev, and Agapito Nev, the Raven Guard seized control of the central city-barque of Atlas. The Raven Guard was aided by loyalist Mechanicus forces of the Legio Nivalis, which led the way with the Warlord Titan Castor Terminus.[1]

Corax himself soon began a hunt for Delvere himself, battling the first Defilers along the way. After defeating the Word Bearer's Sorcerer and Possessed Chaos Space Marine Azor Nathrakin by throwing him into a Warp Portal, Corax succeeded in killing Delvere and liberating the planet for the Imperium.[1]


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