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Battle of Davin

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The Battle of Davin was a campaign of the Great Crusade.


Launched by the Luna Wolves and Word Bearers on the planet of Davin, the indigenous warriors briefly attempted to resist Imperial takeover, but quickly surrendered, completely outclassed in military terms. The warrior tribespeople were allowed to remain mostly intact after they surrendered to the Imperial forces, as they had impressed Horus with their battlefield courage and their willingness to learn and adapt to a new way of life. The actual military campaign on Davin was short, and the Luna Wolves left soon after the surrender of the Davinite warriors, taking with them their concept of the warrior-lodge. The re-education and shepherding of the people into the light of the Imperial Truth was left to a detachment of the Word Bearers Legion led by Kor Phaeron, while governorship of the planet itself was given to Commander Eugen Temba.[1]

Sixty years later, Davin would again become a source of violence and help usher in the Horus Heresy.[1]