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Battle of Exyrion

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the battle in M31; for the battle in M41, see Second Battle of Exyrion.
Battle of Exyrion
Battle of Exyrion.jpg
The Dark Angels and Iron Warriors at war
Conflict Great Scouring
Date After 014.M31
Location Exyrion, Calaphrax Cluster
Outcome Mutual annihilation
Dark Angels Iron Warriors
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Annihilated Annihilated

The Battle of Exyrion was a battle fought in the Great Scouring between the Dark Angels and Iron Warriors, said to be of a scale unseen since the Battle of Prospero.[1b]

The Iron Warriors were aided by the Fallen[1a], and at least one Warlord Class Titan fought in the battle. A number of Dark Angels were also killed aboard an observation platform that orbited Exyrion.[1b]

The battle ended with both sides, and almost all life in the Calaphrax Cluster, annihilated when the Iron Warriors activated a weapon of such cataclysmic power that it ended a million lives in a single stroke, the resultant psychic howl causing a warp-storm to tear across the Calaphrax Cluster, cutting it off from the Imperium for ten millennia.[1b]