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Battle of Greystar

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Battle of Greystar
Date 394.M41
Location Greystar
Outcome Dark Eldar victory
Imperium Dark Eldar
Unknown Archon Aestra Khromys
Cadian 346th Regiment Kabal of the Obsidian Rose
Billions Unknown

The Battle of Greystar was a battle fought between the Dark Eldar and Imperium in 394.M41.[1]


The Kabal of the Obsidian Rose suffer an unacceptable defeat when they are overwhelmed by the armored might of the Cadian 346th 'Ironheads' on the mining planet of Greystar. Determined to save face, Archon Khromys orders diversionary attacks against key points all across the planet. While battle rages, a single squadron of Voidraven Bombers – crafted by Khromys herself for just such an occasion – swoops undetected into the primary spoil-shaft of the northern polar mines. Hurtling through narrowing tunnels and jinking between slab-sided industrial machinery, the Voidravens’ superior systems see them reach the deepest extent of the mine workings. Here, dangerously close to Greystar’s molten heart, they deploy a trio of masterwork void mines that trigger an apocalyptic chain-reaction. Even as the Voidravens hurtle to safety, the Obsidian Rose retreat to the Webway laden with slaves and plunder. In their wake, Greystar tears itself to pieces, billions dying along with their planet in order to satisfy Khromys' need for revenge.[1]