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Battle of Harmony

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Battle of Harmony
Conflict Eye of Terror Slave Wars
Date Late M31
Location Harmony, Eye of Terror
Outcome Black Legion victory
Black Legion and allies Emperor's Children
Ezekyle Abaddon
Falkus Kibre
Lheorvine Ukris
Iskandar Khayon
Ashur-Kai Qezremah
Telemachon Lyras
Fabius Bile
Clone of Horus(KIA)
~30 Black Legionaries
104 Rubicae
6 World Eaters
Vengeful Spirit
Cruiser Tlaloc
Twenty times the number of the Black Legion[1a]
Light to moderate Heavy

The Battle of Harmony was fought during the Legion War after the Horus Heresy. Waged amongst the Traitor Legions inside the Eye of Terror, it saw Ezekyle Abaddon assume control of the Sons of Horus and kill a clone of his gene-father, Horus Lupercal.


Following the eruption of the Eye of Terror Slave Wars, the Emperor's Children raided and destroyed the divided Sons of Horus fortress on Maleum, stealing away the corpse of Horus Lupercal in the process. The Sons of Horus fractured further, and its future seemed bleak. Soon news came that Fabius Bile planned to use Horus' corpse to clone the Primarch, an affront that disgusted all of the former members of the XVIth Legion. Former Justaerin captain Falkus Kibre, then commander of the Duraga Kal Esmejhak warband, knew the only hope was to discover the location of the Vengeful Spirit and with it Ezekyle Abaddon, who had been wandering alone in the Eye for quite some time. Kibre, with the help of the World Eaters Fifteen Fangs warband under Lheorvine Ukris and the Thousand Sons Ka'Sherhan warband under Iskandar Khayon, were able to locate a Word Bearers psychic Sargon who knew the location of the Vengeful Spirit. Sargon was able to guide them to the Eleusinian Veil deep inside the Eye, where the Vengeful Spirit and Abaddon were both waiting. Abaddon revealed that he had sent Sargon out to find his allies, and was already amassing a force to destroy the clone of Horus. Re-assuming command over the Sons of Horus, Abaddon set out for the Daemon World of Harmony, home to the Fortress of the Emperor's Children known as Canticle City.[1b]

Using the advanced Machine Spirit of Khayon's warship Tlaloc known as Anamnesis to guide the Vengeful Spirit through the Warp with minimal crew, Abaddon and his gathered allies soon arrived over Harmony. Abaddon declared the formation of a new Legion, the Black Legion, that would paint its armor black and purge itself of the name of Horus and all the failure with it. But first, they would allow Horus a dignified end and bury their respective pasts by slaying his clone and rectifying the failure at Maleum.[1b]

Immediately upon entering the orbit of Harmony, the small fleet of the newly christened Black Legion came under attack. But thanks to the massive Vengeful Spirit, controlled by Thousand Sons psykers in absence of a crew, the Black Legion took a heavy toll on the traitors in space. The Thousand Sons Sorcerers under Abaddon's command next psychically commanded the Tlaloc to crash directly onto the Canticle City, creating a devastating impact. Immediately broken, the surviving remnants of the Emperor's Children began to flee the planet. Abaddon cared nothing for these save the Cruiser that served as the home of Fabius Bile - the Fleshmarket.[1c]

Replicating the old Luna Wolves tactic of the "Speartip", Abaddon and his forces launched an immediate boarding assault of the Fleshmarket, fighting through Fabius' abominations and Enhanced Warriors as soon as the Thousand Sons had created a Warp portal to connect their two vessels. Inside Fabius' central laboratory, they found the horrifyingly mutated adolescent clones of all 20 Primarchs. After Abaddon's forces slew these abominations, an annoyed Fabius unleashed the clone of Horus himself.[1c]

The clone of Horus, wielding Worldbreaker, took a heavy toll on the Black Legion. Horus was confused and forgetful, but still a mighty warrior. Eventually Abaddon was able to attract to him by showing the cloned Primarch the Talon of Horus. In a rage, Horus' clone came at Abaddon but the former First Captain of the Luna Wolves caught Worldbreaker in his Talon. Horus finally recognized Abaddon, calling him his son. Abaddon shattered Worldbreaker in his Talon, impaled Horus, and proclaimed he was his son no longer. Defeated, Fabius Bile retreated.[1c]

In the aftermath of the battle, Abaddon emerged as the new Warmaster of the Traitor Legion's and went to work reforging the divided warbands of the Sons of Horus into his new Black Legion, paving the way for the Black Crusades against the Imperium. Meanwhile, the Emperor's Children further descended into fractured hedonistic warbands of slavers.[2]