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Battle of Iathglas

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Battle of Iathglas
Conflict Psychic Awakening
Date ~M42
Location Iathglas
Outcome Eldar victory
Craftworld Eldar
Dark Eldar
The Visarch
Jain Zar
Lelith Hesperax
Shalaxi Helbane
Craftworld Forces
Kabal of the Obsidian Rose
Cult of Strife
Masque of the Frozen Stars
Exodite forces
Corsair forces
Ynnari forces
Slaaneshi Daemons
Unknown All Slain or Banished

The Battle of Iathglas took place sometime after the creation of the Great Rift.


On the maiden world of Iathglas, Yvraine of the Ynnari convenes a council between the major craftworlds, alongside representatives from the Harlequins, many Exodite worlds, three renowned Corsair fleets and even the Dark Eldar from the Kabal of the Obsidian Rose. Under Yvraine's auspices, the council takes place in the central World-Shrine of Iathglas. On the sixth hour of its sixth day of the sixth week of Yvraine's arrival, a Daemonic incursion erupted as Shalaxi Helbane burst forth to take the Prophet's head. The Slaaneshi daemons massacred all at the Equatorial Faneway and made its way towards Yvraine. Though previously at odds with one another, all the Eldar on Iathglas answered the call and battled the Forces of Slaanesh. Dark Eldar Wyches and Harlequins drove north while Craftworld Eldar tanks darted towards the south. They slammed headlong into packs of surprised Daemons as the orbiting Corsair fleet unleashed a vicious orbital bombardment. The Daemons’ numbers were great, however, and they delighted in agony and risk as much as they thrilled at bloodshed and victory; undeterred, Helbane’s vastly swollen hunting party fought back. Vicious gunfights, running skirmishes and lightning-fast duels erupted all along the tree line around the clearing.[2a]

Helbane was eventually able to corner Yvraine, who was protected by Jain Zar, Lelith Hesperax, The Visarch, and a Solitaire. The fight that ensued was the stuff of legend.[2a] During the fight Yncarne was able to manifest but even this could not swiftly defeat Helbane. Eventually it became apparent that Helbane was not truly present on the battlefield, but was in fact a glamour solid enough to give good sport and to test their strength. Helbane laughed as she vanished.[2b]