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Battle of Iota Horologi

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The Battle of Iota Horologi was a battle waged by the Death Guard against the xenos Jorgall during the Great Crusade. Fought shortly before the eruption of the Horus Heresy, the Death Guard were reinforced by the Sisters of Silence. The Imperial forces struck brutally against the Jorgall invasion of Human space, taking the fight to their own Colony-ships. Under Mortarion himself, the Death Guard werea ble to easily resist the poisonous atmosphere of the Jorgall's colony-ships and fought well against their cybernetic warriors. First Captain Calas Typhon fought alongside Mortarion while Ignatius Grulgor penetrated the drive cluster and took out the control of the colony's power core. Meanwhile the Colony's hatcheries were destroyed by forces under Captain Nathaniel Garro alongside the Sisters of Silence. Faced with this overwhelming assault, the Jorgall were annihilated and their civilization purged.[1]

During the battle, a young Jorgall Psyker gave Garro a glimpse of the horrors that would await his Legion, but he dismissed it as a lie.[1]