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Battle of Iyanden

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Chaos invasion; for the Tyranid invasion of Iyanden, see Battle of Iyanden (Kraken).
Battle of Iyanden
Iyanden's fleet battles Chaos warships
Conflict Thirteenth Black Crusade
Date 999.M41
Location Iyanden
Outcome Eldar victory
Eldar Chaos
Prince Yriel (KIA, later resurrected)
Iyanna Arienal
The Visarch
Lelith Hesperax
Eldritch Raiders
2 Space Hulks
Several warships
many Daemons
Heavy Unknown, presumably heavy

The Battle of Iyanden was a major Chaos invasion of the Eldar Craftworld of Iyanden in the closing days of the 41st Millennium.[1]


Following the formation of the Ynnari and the creation of the Avatar Yncarne, the Forces of Chaos became determined to halt their plans to reawaken Ynnead using the Crone Swords. The Ruinous Powers discovered that the last of the Crone Swords was on Iyanden, and sent forces to invade the Craftworld before the Ynnari could claim it.[1]

When the Ynnari arrived at Iyanden they found the Craftworld under a full-scale invasion by the forces of Nurgle led by the Daemon Prince Gara’gugul’gor. The core of the Nurgle fleet consists of two massive Space Hulks which attempted to board Iyanden, but face fierce resistance from Prince Yriel and his Corsairs. With the arrival of the Ynnari the tide began to turn, and Yvraine was able to lead an attack by her Dark Eldar followers to destroy one of the Hulks. However the second Space Hulk is far more heavily defended and it became clear that the Eldar would have to board it and destroy it from the inside.[1]

Using ancient Webway maps and personal teleporters, Yriel and his Corsairs are able to materialize directly inside the Nurgle Hulk. The interior of the Hulk is a toxic cesspool, and only the void suits of the Eldar prevents them from being overcome with disease. Brushing aside countless Daemons, the Eldar eventually reach the engine room but find Gara'gugul'gor himself. Yriel and Gara’gugul’gor begin a fierce duel that sees neither side able to gain the upper hand. In a surprise move Yriel plunges the Spear of Twilight into the Space Hulks engine, causing the entire structure to shut down and rendering the craft immobile. However Yriel's victory is short lived as Gara’gugul’gor strikes down the Corsair Prince and quickly massacres the remaining Corsairs.[1]

With the Space Hulk rendered inert the Chaos forces fled, leaving Yriel's disease-infested corpse behind. However thanks to the efforts of Yvraine Yriel was able to use the Spear of Twilight (revealed to be one of the Crone Swords) to resurrect the Corsair Prince.[1]