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Battle of Manask

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The Battle of Manask is a campaign of the Indomitus Crusade being waged by the Grey Knights.[1]


The once-shamed Ebon Sentinels were assigned to a Torchbearer Task Force in Segmentum Pacificus, having since regained their honor through a 101 year Crusade of Penance. They were assigned to help deliver Belisarius Cawl's new technologies to the Astral Spears and Condemnors Chapters then return to Terra. Dispatched next to the Manask System, Torchbearer Task Force Conqueror's Forge carried Greyshield reinforcements and Primaris technologies to the Ebon Sentinels Chapter. As they approached Manask, they noticed the system would not return their hails. Known only to the accompanying Custodes and Inquisitor, a secret second flotilla shadowed the task force after Grey Knights Prognosticars had received damning omens.[1]

The Imperials discovered that the Ebon Sentinels had fallen to the dark powers of Chaos, seemingly being corrupted after receiving dark visions of swift renewal and survivor from their dead homeworld of Vengla. The Grey Knights accompanying the Task Force were already aware of this turn, and had secret orders to purge the wayward Chapter. Grey Knights of the 6th and 8th Brotherhoods spread out to isolate and destroy the Ebon Sentinels orbital assets. A splinter force under Inquisitor Kavnar remained at the Mandeville Point to ensure none could escape or stray into the system for what was to come. Meanwhile, the Grey Knights Strike Cruiser Damnation of Fiends led a fleet encirclement of the Ebon Setninels home world and scuttled the remains of their fleet. At the same time, the Grey Knights launched a teleportation assault with Terminator and Strike Squads on the weapons platforms of Ta'rond. There, the Imperials discovered that many of the Ebon Sentinels had become Possessed.[1]

At the systems Astropathic relay Grey Knights Terminators, Interceptors, and Purgations deployed via gunship and destroyed the Ebon Sentinels' capacity to call for aid. The greater portion of the Grey Knights meanwhile struck at their homeworld of Vengla, where they discovered an ancient Daemonic presence imprisoned in its core. The beasts psychic influence, empowered by the Great Rift, seeped out beyond its million-year-old bonds, exploiting the Ebon Sentinels desperation for survival. Six squads led by Brother-Captain Mithrac Tor enacted a grand ritual of banishment that defeated the Daemon, crippling the remaining traitors.[1]