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Battle of Maulland Sen

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Battle of Maulland Sen
Conflict Unification Wars
Date M30, 126 years before construction of the Imperial Palace[3]
Location Maulland Sen (Nordyc, Terra)
Outcome Imperial victory
Thunder Legion Maulland Sen Confederacy
Emperor of Mankind[1]
Constantin Valdor[1]
Jenetia Krole[4]
Priest-King of Maulland Sen[1] (executed after battle)
30 Custodians[1]
Fourth Legio Cataegis[3]
22 Imperial Army Regiments[3]
(outnumbered the Thunder Legion seven to one)
7,581 Thunder Warriors[1] Several thousand[1]

The Battle of Maulland Sen, also called the Battle of the Red Frost, was a battle between the Emperor of Mankind's newly-created Thunder Warriors and the Maulland Sen Confederacy early in the Unification Wars.[2] The battle was one of the earliest major campaigns waged by the Emperor, and the first in which an entire Legion of Thunder Warriors was deployed.[3]

The campaign saw the Emperor lead 30 Custodes, several thousand Thunder Warriors, and 22 cold-weather specialist regiments of the Imperial Army against the forces of Maulland Sen. The Emperor engaged the Confederacy early as he saw it as symbolic to the type of system he wished to tear down.[3] With the fall of Maulland Sen, the forces of the Emperor were confident that Nordyc would be brought to heel. Although the forces of the Emperor were outnumbered seven to one and suffered several thousand casualties (including 7,000 Thunder Warriors[3]), they were able to defeat the horde of genetically-altered warriors, witch-marked men, and zealots that followed the Priest-King of Maulland Sen.[1][2] At the height of the battle the Thunder Warriors under Ushotan were thrown into a frenzy. Constantin Valdor witnessed the frenzy and became concerned over the future of the Thunder Warriors.[3]

At the end of the battle the Priest-King was captured by the Custodians and executed by the Emperor in the aftermath of the battle.[1] An account of the battle was preserved in the Trans-Nordic Akashic archives. According to this record, it was one of the Custodians who executed the Priest-King.[2]