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Battle of Omnissiah's Eye

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The Battle of Omnissiah's Eye took place in 841.M41.[1]


On the frozen world known as the Omnissiah’s Eye, Explorator Station Lambda-Binaris comes under attack by unknown assailants. Blood Angels Strike Force Castigon responds to the station’s distress call, reaching the ice-locked planet at the same time as a bulk transporter sent by the knightly House Krast. Captain Castigon and Baron Bartolf of House Krast make common cause, the two warriors quickly establishing a bond of mutual respect.[1]

Combining their forces, Castigon and Bartolf launch a heavy combat drop at the northern and southern extremes of the sprawling Explorator station. Household detachments of Krast Knights make planetfall amongst plummeting spreads of Drop Pods while Stormraven Gunships streak overhead. The two forces begin to sweep through the complex from opposite ends, combing its snow-heaped streets and semi-ruined buildings for signs of life. However, within minutes of the operation beginning, both forces come under heavy attack by ambushing forces of Night Lords Traitor Marines.[1]

A running battle erupts through the frozen complex, Knights wading through the traitors’ firepower with guns roaring while Blood Angels flood forward around their feet. The Night Lords’ trap begins to unravel as the traitors realise they have caught more dangerous quarry than they bargained for. Abandoning their assault, the Night Lords attempt a fighting retreat, triggering explosive charges spread throughout the complex in an attempt to cover their escape. However, Captain Castigon leads his Assault Squads and Death Company in a frenzied attack upon the retreating Chaos forces. This maddened charge pins the foe in place long enough for reinforcements to move up. Caught between the Blood Angels and their towering allies, the Chaos force is exterminated to the last warrior.[1]