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Battle of Orestes

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Battle of Orestes
Orestes map
Conflict Sabbat Worlds Crusade
Date 779.M41
Location Orestes
Outcome Imperial victory
Imperium Chaos
Princeps Pietor Gearhart
Princeps Lenix Devo
Princeps Rufus Joslin(KIA)
49 Legio Invicta Titans
22 Legio Tempestus Titans
Imperial Guard
174 Titans
Traitor Imperial Guard
Traitor Skitarii
Heavy Most if not all destroyed

The Battle of Orestes was a battle of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade and the largest engagement of Imperial Titans since the Horus Heresy.[1a]


The battle saw the Legio Tempestus defend their homeworld of Orestes from a massive Traitor Titan assault. The traitors had struck at the Forge World due to its constant supply of Imperial forces engaged in the greater Sabbat Worlds Crusade. But due to the demands of the Crusade, only 22 Titans remained on Orestes to defend it from the coming Dark Mechanicum assault that consisted of 7-times as many Titans.[1a]

In the first day of the battle, the overwhelmed Tempestus lost 8 Titans before being reinforced by the Legio Invicta. This allowed the securing of Orestes' main city of Orestes Principal and a counterattack across nearby areas. The Traitors took moderate losses and responded by moving on Hive Argentum, challenging the loyalist Legions to open battle. This was a challenge that Legio Invicta Princeps Pietor Gearhart accepted.[1b] Meanwhile, tension erupted across the Imperial ranks when Mechanicum Priests uncovered a pre-Heresy document stating that the Emperor was not the Omnissiah. The ensuing schism split loyalist forces between the traditionalist views of the Legio Invicta and the Legio Tempestus. A subsequent seizure of power was launched by Tempestus elements within Hive Argentum.[1c]

Despite the potential disaster and civil strife, the Tempestus and Invicta were still able to work together. In spite of their numerical disadvantage, the two Legions were able to score a victory at Argentum and annihilated the enemy Titans. After the battle, civil war seemed again imminent between the Tempestus and Invicta until a Chaos climate tower was destroyed by stray units of the Imperial Guard. This unveiled a massive new enemy army, again forcing the Tempestus and Invicta to put aside their differences for mutual survival.[1d]

In the final battle for the Forge World, this new enemy force, led by the Imperator Titan Augmenautus Rex, was overcome once again by the Tempestus and Invicta forces. In the aftermath of the battle it was revealed that the document causing much of the theological strife had been manipulated by Tempestus extremists, causing them to either be executed or forced to commit suicide.[1e]