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Battle of Quintus

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the battle in the Calaphrax Cluster; for the final battle of the Hunt for Voldorius, see Liberation of Quintus.
Battle of Quintus
Battle of Quintus.jpg
Harlequins ambush the Dark Angels on Quintus
Conflict Calaphrax Campaign
Date After 939.M41
Location Quintus, Calaphrax Cluster
Outcome Imperial victory
Dark Angels Necrons Harlequins
Master Seraphus Unkown Troupe Master
Lion's Blade Strike Force:
Deathwing Knights
Deathwing Terminators
Ravenwing Squadrons
Nephilim Jetfighters
4th Company
Necron Legion:
Necron Warriors
Tomb Blades
Harlequin Troupe:
Death Jester

Unknown Almost total Unknown

The Battle of Quintus was a battle fought after a troupe of Eldar Harlequins accidentally awakened a Necron Tomb World while attempting to reactivate the Craftworld Theminarae which had crashed on Quintus ten millennia earlier.[1a]


The Dark Angels, investigating sighting of a xenos fleet above Quintus, deployed to the surface when they detected the reactivation of Theminarae. Scouts encountered the first of the awakening Necrons, delivering a warning to the main strike force. Without the necessary ordnance for an orbital bombardment, Techmarine Larathiel planned to overload Theminarae's engines to destroy the tomb before the Necrons could fully awaken. Before the plan could be enacted, the Dark Angels were ambushed by the Harlequins that had reactivated the Craftworld.[1b]

When the Necrons reached the site of the battle, the Dark Angels were surrounded and pinned in pace until the intervention of a group of Fallen drew fire from the Eldar and allowed Larathiel to head into the ruins of the Craftworld. Although a Harlequin interrupted him, he was able to partially program a detonation which destroyed the Necron tomb, leaving only a handful of survivors on the surface.[1c]

The Harlequin troupe retreated, while the Dark Angels hunted down the remaining Necrons and investigated the unknown force that had given them their opening.[1c]