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Battle of Regallus

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Battle of Regallus
Conflict 13th Black Crusade
Date 999.M41
Location Regallus
Outcome Chaos victory
Imperium Forces of Chaos
Unknown Sevastus Kranon
Dzargon Draznicht
Imperial Guard (including Cadians[2])
Crimson Slaughter
Annihilated Unknown

The Battle of Regallus was an attack on the Imperial Hive World of Regallus during Abaddon the Despoiler's 13th Black Crusade.[1]


After joining Abaddon and joining his newest Black Crusade, the Crimson Slaughter were given the Hive World of Regallus to strike. Lord of the Crimson Slaughter Kranon was forced to make his plan of attack en route. From the best visions his Sorcerers could conjure, it appeared as if the defence batteries were concentrated around the mighty continent-sized hive cities. With that in mind, Kranon decided the dropsites must be in the ash plains. This meant a two stage campaign – the first would be to break through the formidable defensive barrier. Once the Crimson Slaughter got past the trench lines, the next phase would be to wreak havoc amongst the tangled inner hive – to massacre all they could, for this would send a message to the other Imperial planets – a sign of what awaited them all.[1]

The artillery of the Imperial Guard was already booming when the first landing craft deposited Crimson Slaughter warriors into that grey wasteland. In the distance, they could see the first of the trench lines, the raised bunkers already flashing with long-ranged gunfire. Casualties would be high.

It had been Draznicht’s suggestion to mass the Cultists, thus providing the most tempting targets for the Imperial artillery. This was wise council, for much of the incoming fire rained down on those wretched souls. The advancing lines shot in return – the Lord of Skulls first, followed by the battle cannons of the six-limbed Defilers and later by the Havoc squads as they progressed within range and hunkered down. The rest moved forward, closing ranks to fill the gaps blasted by the artillery shells exploding all around them. On the far right flank, the red-armoured tanks of the Crimson Slaughter opened up – sending beams of bright las-fire into the enemy bunkers, attempting to silence their big guns before the assault. Rumbling out to meet them came Imperial Guard tank companies, their own guns blazing in answer. While the armour dueled, the infantry closed into range for the trench lines to erupt in lasgun fire. In the trenches, many Guardsmen heard the calls of long lost loved ones, or else saw daemonic faces leering in the shadows. Some threw down their weapons and fled. Those that stayed in hopes of defending the walls were easily broken as the renegades led an attack by Helbrutes that stormed the barricades. So was the first defensive line breached.[1]

Strike teams of Raptors and Warp Talons arrived to attack the second line, allowing time for the infantry to advance. Line after line fell; bunker after bunker was cleared. The most heavily defended battlement was the last one. By that point, however, the wave of horror was so great, the psychic tension so thick, that few defenders were left. The towering statues of mighty heroes of the Imperium that lined the streets were already weeping blood by the time the first renegade crashed through the gates and entered the hive city proper. It was at this stage of the campaign that the true killing really began. None now could stay the butchery.[1]

The last phase of the operation was the bloodiest. Disparate squads of Imperial Guard and the remnants of their supporting armour desperately attempted to defend the hab-blocks, concentrating their efforts near the densest of population centres. One by one, those strongholds fell and the massacres began. Street by street, the battle raged and the blood flowed. Howling spirits and maniacal laughter echoed down the long avenues, almost drowning out the sound of chainsaws, bolter fire and the unheeded screams for mercy. Utter madness and cold-blooded slaughter had come to Regallus and it went on and on and on.[1]

Regallus was only the beginning – the start of the Crimson Slaughter’s terror campaign. Tales of the genocidal horrors committed there would soon send shockwaves through the Imperium. Planet by planet, their doom was at hand.[1]