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Battle of Shen'tzi Vo

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The Battle of Shen'tzi Vo was a battle waged by the Salamanders in M41.[1]

The battle began when a warband of Death Guard and Iron Warriors struck the Fortress World of Shen'tzi Vo. The planet's defensive shrines were corrupted by the Gellerpox, while its maniples of Legio Bombastor Titans were annihilated in an Iron Warriors ambush. Forced back to the Bastion Primus, the combined forces of the Salamanders and Order of Our Martyred Lady arrived and counterattacked. Recognizing that their situation is untenable, the defenders slight their own defenses to lure the foe deep into the Bastion Primus, before unleashing a conflagration of nuclear munitions and Promethium. Many Imperial warriors are consumed along with the attackers, but many more survive. The attackers are less fortunate; scorched heretic survivors stage a last stand in the fortress’ western gatehouse before being crushed by the combined assault of Space Marines and Sisters of Battle.[1]