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Battle of Skalathrax

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The Battle of Skalathrax was the final action of the World Eaters Chaos Space Marines as a unified Legion. Skalathrax is a Daemon World within the Eye of Terror and was the site of conflict between the World Eaters and the Emperor's Children.[1]

The World Eaters initially attempted to parlay with the much-larger Emperor's Children force, but negotiations quickly broke down and a bloody quagmire erupted.[2] The World Eaters under their de facto leader Khârn slaughtered and destroyed their way across the planet, but as the battle raged, the world's freezing night approached, promising death to those not in shelter. The World Eaters halted their attack. Khârn, furious with his fellow warriors for their weakness, took up a flamer, burning his fellow berserkers and their "hiding holes". The city burned as the madman tore and burned indiscriminately through friend and enemy. The Legion tore itself apart along with the Emperor's Children as the World Eaters fought for what little shelter remained.[1]

The World Eaters were broken as a Legion and have remained so ever since, fragmented into countless, marauding warbands. Khârn has become the mortal incarnation of Khorne's ideal of maddened bloodlust and hate, killing any worthy enough to serve as a blood offering to Khorne. Only those who share his insanity would fight alongside him, for Khârn knows no friend or ally. In all his years of war he has known only victory, for only death could halt the rampage of one as relentless as Khârn.[1]