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Battle of Slathergraft

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The Battle of Slathergraft was a battle waged by the Salamanders in M41.[1]

The war began when the Genestealer Cult of the Innerwyrm dug into the Agri-World of Slathergraft, causing elements of the Salamanders 3rd Company to respond. Captain Adrax Agatone made planetfall unopposed, finding the world deserted. When they descended beneath the surface, however, they discovered the planet's populace enslaved by mass parasitism. Revolted and angered, the Salamanders launched a merciless cull that targeted every living thing below Slathergraft's surface. Purestrain Genestealers soon appeared, and the Salamanders' casualties mounted. Agatone and his Pyroclasts drove onward and when the Captain emerged from the gloomy interior of Slathergraft, he led barely a quarter of the Battle-Brothers he went in with.[1]