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Battle of Thrael Falls

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The Battle of Thrael Falls was a battle of the Great Crusade.[1]

The battle took place on the planet Cestus II between the forces of the Imperium, including Space Marines of the Imperial Fists and Luna Wolves Legions, and the natives of Cestus II, monstrous beings known as the anak.[1]

At one point in the battle, Captain Scaevolla of the Luna Wolves saved the life of Captain Aleph of the Imperial Fists; had Scaevolla not intervened, Aleph would have surely died. The two Captains formed a bond of friendship as a result, fighting together several times later in the Great Crusade. This would not last, however, as Scaevolla would later follow his Primarch, Horus, in his rebellion against the Imperium. When Scaevolla and Aleph met for the last time in the middle of the Siege of Terra, the Fist remarked that he would have preferred being torn apart by the anak than betraying the Emperor.[1]

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