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Battle of the Maelstrom's Maw

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The Battle of the Maelstrom's Maw took place in 781.M41, on the rim of the Maelstrom.[1]

The battle commenced when the Great Hunt of Wolf Lord Osric Three-Fists was rudely interrupted by a much larger Chaos fleet. The Chaos flagship, the Storm of Hate, quickly disabled Osric's flagship, the Voidfang, with a single broadside. With only a few minutes to act, Osric swiftly re-seized the initiative, leading a boarding action from the dying Voidfang onto the Storm. Only Osric and thirty Space Wolves survived the journey through space, winnowed by the devastating firepower from the Storm, but these Wolves made it to the Chaos ship's hull and smashed inside with their power fists and thunder hammers. Osric and his men fought their way to the bridge, and turned the vessel's firepower on the other Chaos ships, winning the battle.[1]